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Thank you for an excellent and timely company valuation.  Our small company was quoted $2500 from an associate of our corporate attorney and $6500 from an associate of our accountant.  I informed both that I would "" for $399.00.  I forwarded your final report to them and both were impressed.  Our attorney mentioned that your report was more professional looking than others he has received for larger corporations. 

I will definitely be using your services again next year.


Marketing&Sales Corp

Our 3 family companies needed quick, accurate appraisals to set initial values for updated buy-sell agreements.    We'd been required to pay nearly $ 5,000 for a single appraisal some years ago so I was delighted to find and figured it was at least worth a try to judge the quality of the process & product.
The reports James provided are thorough, accurate and equally important, make sense to us.   They were also completed in a very timely manner.
I'm confident these reports will support our business valuation today and we will be able to afford regular updates in the future.
I will not hesitate to use for our future needs.

Lisa Kurtz Luciano
Kurtz Bros., Inc.
Cleveland, OH
"Thank you for all your hard work!  I really appreciate it!."
Lisbeth Merrett
Civil Engineering Company

"Thanks James.  Your service is really an excellent value! "
Phil Herring
"Business Matter Valuation provided a valuation report in just a few days - reliable results at an unbeatable price."
John Grant
Computer Network Support Company

"Great advice and insight at an unbeatable price. Once I saw what my business was worth, I quickly implemented the business succession that I had been considering for three years."
Joel Jutovsky
Grocery Wholesaling Firm
Good job on the valuation. In will be using you again.
Kevin Ryan

"Give onlinebusinessvaluation a chance to show you how powerful their services are. I was skeptical of what they could deliver for their prices, but I had already experienced the alternative – paying 10 times more to a local firm and getting a report that was used once and then forgotten. So, I gave Business Matter Valuation a try. Beyond being fast, affordable, and easy to use, they helped me think strategically about the value of my business. And that is priceless!"
Jon Saphier
Educational Consulting Firm

FAQ E-mail
Q: What is a business appraisal?

A: Simply put, a business appraisal is an opinion of the fair market value of a business (or portion of a business)

Fair market value is the price at which  a willing and able buyer would purchase a business from a willing and able seller, when both parties are acting at arm's length in an open and unrestricted market, neither of whom are under any compulsion to buy or sell, with both have reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts

Q: What is my Business Worth?

A: Every business owner would like to know the true current market value of his or her business. Unfortunately, no single quick 'rule of thumb' will help determine the true value of a business. In fact, business valuations are performed in order to take this sort of guesswork out of valuing businesses.

Q: What is a Valuation?

A: A valuation determines of the value of a business interest based on an analysis of the financial records of the organization, the environment in which it operates, and the risk associated with an investment in the organization.

Q: Why are business valuations important?

A: Business brokers estimate that businesses sell 35 percentfaster when a valuation has been completed for the business. Valuations ensure that accurate values are placed on businesses by using industry standard models with proven results and confirmed references to databases listing sold transactions and that contain comparable transactions.

Q: Can my accountant value my business?

A: Accountants can value businesses, but most accountants do not focus on valuations. Additionally, buyers often believe that the company accountant is too involved in the operation of the business to provide an objective opinion.Indeed, accountants do not conduct valuations in their day-to-day practice because they generally lack the necessary training to produce an accurate analysis. Many accountants offer their clients a simple formula based on a multiple of earnings. We recommend against selecting a multiple that feels right or good ; instead, multiples should be chosen only after considering various valuation approaches that together can best approximate the value of a business.Many CPAs use our services for their clients valuations.

Q: I am selling my business - Do buyers really accept independent valuations?

A: Put yourself in the position of a buyer, and ask yourself which value you would be more acceptable to you: one provided by the seller or one from an independent, unbiased party that specializes in business valuations. The advantages of using an independent party can be summarized as follows:

* Valuation companies use a number of methods and techniques to develop the finished product
* An independent valuation specialist is much more credible to a buyer and their advisors
* Generally speaking, accountants and lawyers are not trained to produce accurate valuations
* Valuation companies have large historical databases that they use to compare a business to other sold businesses. Typically, local financial advisors do not have access to this type or range of information

Q: As many as 80 percent of businesses listed for sale do not sell, Why ?

A: Businesses do not sell for a variety of reasons, but the most common reason is that they the business has been inaccurately priced.A business broker or seller typically arrives at an asking price using 'rules of thumb'. Although such rules of thumb can be useful, they alone cannot accurately determine a business's value. No two businesses are identical; consequently, an independent analysis is required to determine the correct business value for each unique business.

Q: What are your qualifications?

A: Our principal holds an MBA and Master's degree in Accounting. Furthermore, he is a certified Small Business appraiser.

Q: My business recently went through difficult times and lost money last year. Does this mean it does not have any value?

A: No. Every business has some positive value provided that it is expected to operate in the future. In fact, an appraiser normalizes the financial statements to reflect an average year's worth of financial statements to more accurately reflect the current value of the business.

Q: How many valuation methods are used in an appraisal?

A: The number of valuation methods used in an appraisal depends on the individual situation. Sometimes one method is appropriate, yet in other instances, four or five methods may be appropriate. The value often then is determined in how the appraiser weighs each approach.

Q: Can you value companies in my location?

A: Absolutely. We can value companies in all 50 states.

Q: How do you produce reports so quickly?

A: We have a dedicated team of valuers that is very efficient. This efficiency not only saves you time, but it also reduces costs. We pass on the savings to you.

Q: What do I need to send to you to get started with the valuation?

A: In order for us to do a valuation we typically need your financial statements (or Tax Returns) for at least the past two years.

Q: Do you use market comparable when you value businesses?

A: We use several different databases that contain information about recently sold businesses. This ensures both that the accuracy of any valuation we perform and that each valuation is in line with the current market conditions.

Q: How long will it take for you to send my completed valuation report back to me?

A: Once we receive the necessary information regarding your business, we will complete the valuation and return it to you in 3 business days.